How to Make Master Yoda Costume at no cost.

Master Yoda Costume: the battle for the cosplay to realize for this carnival was won by YODA!

Star Wars 1 – Forestelli 0

We spent months figuring out what would be the first Forestelli’s character cosplay for or kid Noah. At the end, I preferred to pay tribute to the famous Star Wars saga and satisfy Noah’s dad request. There will be a thousand other parades at the Carnival of Viareggio or Lucca Comics and chances to make our characters cosplay … after all it was not easy to choose one single character of Forestelli.

But let’s go back to our Master Yoda Costume. I want to follow just two rules to follow:

– One-take
– Zero cost

Master Yoda Costume – Parts to be made:

  • green legs with laces
  • green hat with ears
  • Mock brown suit
  • Clear jacket with flared sleeves + brown belt
  • accessoriesThe size of the costume is for 12 months kid and Yoda slippers are number 19!

Choice of fabrics for the Master Yoda Costume

Once you have chosen your character and defined the parts to be made, the next step is to find the right fabrics at home; considering the cold and availability preference the choice fell on the pile. I opened the pile boxes (… there are always boxes or  baskets of pile in our laboratory) and immediately jumped off the bright green and some shades of cream and brown colors.

The brown color was not enough to make the whole Yoda suit. Then I  have found an old jacket with a padded interior to bear, just the color I was looking for and warm enough to face the cold of this week! I was very lucky since the Noah’s aunt had pulled out a nice piece of clear cells for its work and I suggested an exchange between her and my colored fabric scraps.

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Yoda Paws:

We start with the legs … as first thing I created the pattern that you can download with the button below:

[Wpdm_package id = ‘1872’]

The pattern has the shape of a paw with 3 front fingers. I cut out three shapes, two green and a yellow (1), I sewed together the yellow part with a green, I turned over and filled cotton wool to make soft-soled (2). I made a hole in the remaining green silhouette and two cuts as indicated on the pattern, I sewed the pierced envelope above the green part of the sole (3) and turned the slipper (4). After that I added two triangles and sewing the rectangle along the circumference of the hole (5). After that, I created a flap on the strap and here it is… the first paw Yoda. Approved and duplicated immediately.

Master Yoda Paws Construction

Master Yoda Paws Construction


Master Yoda Hat:

I took the hat model from this link and that I adapted it to my idea, adding large green ears and two small buttons to snap under the chin.

Master Yoda suit:

For the suit, I took a pajama for 12 months / kid from the drawer of Noah and I ‘ve got the pattern for the dark suit of Yoda. I cut the fabric, quickly tacked and entrusted everything to experienced hands (grandmothers’s) for the final step in the sewing machine.

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Master Yoda Coat:

For the coat I did the same thing as the suit: a pattern from dressing gown (a courtesy of the little cousin Dharma), cutting, tacking and rely on the sewing machine. In this case, I changed up our sleeves and made them very flared, worthy of a Jedi Grand Master and I applied a button nested in the back!

Cosplay Costume was ready and at the end, it came out better than I could imagine.

but something was missing …

… There was no time either to make the bright sword or the stick, then I gave the last touch with pacifier coated with pile and tied to the Yoda costume with a coarse leather thread and here we go… everything now has got a bit of sense of humor!

Mom, grandmothers, dads, and aunts … all proud of Yoda costumes that I made. Maybe because it is for Noah.

We’ll find out at the Lucca Comics 2016, the bigger cosplay and comics fair in Italy. On that occasion, I’ll try to choose a character from those of forestelli . Suggestions from you are welcome.

ups.. I forgot …

… a baby Ninja turtle cosplay was petrified in front of our Yoda. With his mouth wide open he watched our little baby for several minutes, then he went runway and came back with his mom telling her loud:  ” … Mum watch Master Yoda… he has the dummy !! “^ _ ^

Master Yoda Costume for Kids ready to go!

Master Yoda Costume for Kids ready to go!